novembro 04, 2012

Nail polishing ^_~

I'm not so into writing about food now, so I'm gonna change a bit my topic.
Something that I really enjoy doing is nail polishing. And as long as I have some allergy problems, I have to be more creative if I want to have different things, because there are a few brands that I can wear without any problems.
So, something that many people have asked me about is my skull stamp. I don't know if this kind of thing is already available in Montes Claros, but sure you can find it over the Internet or in capital cities (BH, Brasília, etc). My mother told me she had seen it in AVON magazine, where you can get one stamp and one plate, then, if you find them in any store, you buy only the plates.

You buy image plates like this:

And you have to get also a stamp:

In this website, you can get a "STEP BY STEP" explanation on how to use the plates and stamps.

Here is a picture of one of the things I've done with them. The picture was taken before I cleaned the excess up, so it looks weird =P.  

I hope you enjoyed it! = ]